m♥y♥ ♥s♥i♥t♥e♥ ♥l♥o♥l♥ ♥v♥e♥r♥y♥ ♥f♥u♥n

rateyourmusic "I rate music"
bandcamp "my main alias for more experimental weird music"
spotify playlist "my spotify playlist, it includes full albums cus im a non premium user lololo"
newground "i post art in there, fuck twitter lmfao"
last fm "stalk me in there, what i listen to and figure my music taste"
roblox "i play roblox, what can i say here?"
twitter "dont even bother checking my twitter, im less active in there and it sucks, thanks elon"
soundcloud "2rd aliases since 2019 "1ei" or famously known as "cat organ"."
discord "discord server, its dead but yknow, but join like damn!!!!!"
instagram "i post random stuff on story and post less things idk why"
tumblr "a tumblr."
youtube "main youtube, mostly includes ytps, some of music that no one cares and stuff"
vidlii "how 2 install rob,ox hacks"
youtube music playlist "a music playlist but on youtube :3"
youtube2 "my personal yt page where i get to upload whatever i want"
jake blunt "3rd music alias, idk"
drum kit "resources for sounds for you guys to make song"
interests "things i like lol"
archive discographies "archive discographies, theres bandcamp version wheres is downloadable" bandcamp
hiyuko.moe "shit attempt at making imageboard site lol"


FUN FACT: Fish use their gills for breathing. They are often found on the side of their bodies. Their gills have a very important job of extracting oxygen out of the water.