[ music... ]
yung bruh, lil ugly mane, aphex twin, drain gang, mf doom, blink 182, earl sweatshirt, chief keef, soulja boy, flying lotus, dj sonicfreak, lil b, yabujin, jpegmafia, miya lowe, james ferraro, xaviersobased, dj n3k0mast3r, weiland, izaya tiji, 38kea, big up menace x, jak3, ak colette, djunivrse, poshgod, aaronmaxwell, shamana, dj rozwell, sybyr, grimm doza, machine girl, radiohead, yayayi, dj javasvript, shed theory, joji, lungskull, destroy lonely, weatherday, bloodz boi and godzilla

[ televisions & other medias... ]
family guy, south park, all teletoon, ytv and the detour programmings, most adult swim programming like aqua teen hunger force, the venture bros, space ghost coast to coast, harvey birdman, the brak show, dr steve brule, etc... regular show, ben 10, MAD, camp lazloo, FLCL, lucky star, azumanga daioh, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, lupid the 3rd, alien nine, kevin spencer, kid vs kit, sonic underground, saiki K, .hack//sign, .hack//Roots, gangsta, freaky story, hells, .hack//legend of the twilight, pop team epic, bob ross painting show, simon's cast, bump in the night, any like canadian cartoon shows, casper the ghost, die buster, death note, dead leaves, dagashi kashi, jean luc and dondoozat, parappa the rapper, lego ninjago, the new archies, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Caroline, Madagascar, Monsters vs Aliens, Sprited Away, Spongebob Squarepants, Ice Age, The Simpsons, Open Season, serial experiments lain, nichijou, total drama island, grojband, 6teen, making fiends, bobs burger, homestuck, welcome to hell, gravity falls,

[ general interests... ]
art, ancient/old things (photos, websites, resources, musics, techs, fashions, etc...) photographs, books, television channels, diy stuff (not the shitty ones but actual good diy stuff), fashions clothes, operation systems, discontinued sampler or sampling workstation whatever they call like roland sp404, boss SP-303 sampler, etc...